Our Story


Long story short, my family and I moved to an acre- age in Fountaindale to live a more sustainable and eco-friendly life (originally coming from Sydney’s North Shore). Our property came with fruit trees and an established beehive, with an abundance of honey and beeswax. After learning to care for the bees, we started harvesting our very own beautiful raw honey. We then started selling our honey in markets across Sydney and I soon started making beeswax candles.

After playing around with different products and recipes in my spare time (in the kitchen at home) I soon made an incredible discovery. Beeswax could be used in soap to not only provide your skin with moisturising benefits, but it also naturally hardened the bar – which meant no palm oil or nasty ingredients needed to be added.

After my first batch of soap, I was hooked! I began making lots of different bars of soaps and products such as lip balms and bath salts. My husband Luke used his green thumb to start making sustainable food gardens at home and using our produce to make things like chutneys and jams. We also planted lavender, rosemary and as many botanicals we could, all chemical free, which I then used in my products. Shortly after Harvest Garden was born, growing and planting based on the principles of permaculture and biodynamics and of course mother nature has always been our main source of inspiration.

Over the past decade we have travelled the world learning and gaining inspiration from experts that use old fashioned and handcrafted techniques to create beautiful skincare. We’ve taken this knowledge back home and created some of the BEST natural skincare products on the market and we’ve even won some awards !

We still lovingly grow and harvest from our garden ingredients such as aloe vera, lavender, calendula and use them in our products. It’s these ingredients we’ve grown ourselves that provide the finishing touches to our product range.

We hope you love them as much as we do