Who Are We

Hi, I'm Lanae,

My husband Luke and I started this business from our acreage on the Central Coast of NSW. We now operate from a factory nearby. We have two beautiful girls, Ashley and Gabriella. We also have budgies, guinea pigs, chickens and a lot of local wildlife such as the wallabies (who love to snack on our veggies ), the brush turkeys (who drive us mad with their scratching), the water dragons (that we love) the ducks that enjoy our pool (or our swamp during the winter months) and the occasional snake (which I’m still learning to love).

Wanting to escape the rat race and with a motivation to be live more sustainably, we made a 'tree change' moving from a townhouse on the North Shore to our acreage about 10 years ago. We were lucky to have bought a property with established orange, lemon, banana and mandarin trees. However, we quickly set up our own vegetable gardens and enjoyed eating food from our garden with added peace of mind knowing they were free from pesticides and as fresh as can be. Our property also came with an established beehive. Luke soon learnt how to look after the bees and we even started producing our own raw honey which became very popular with family and friends. Sadly, Luke became allergic to bee stings and that put a stop to that venture. We now have great respect for Aussie beekeepers and will never buy honey from a supermarket. Luckily there are many local beekeepers here on the Coast that we source our raw honey from.  

After our beekeeping escapades, we found ourselves with an abundance of honey and beeswax. Being a creative soul, I had always been interested in anything I could make with my own hands (the exception being dinner, I hate cooking and my family hate my cooking,  but that's another story). I was already dabbling in candle making with all our gorgeous beeswax and I then decided soap making would be my next venture. I'd had always suffered from 'bad skin' over the years too and sought out products that were natural. After not having much luck in finding the products I wanted to buy, I decided I would make them myself.  After that, I was hooked. The joy I found in making a skincare product my whole family could use, with my very own ingredients was the best. The added joy in knowing it was made from completely natural ingredients that were safe for my family was the bonus. I studied aromatherapy, did every natural skincare course I could, here and abroad and started experimenting with all kinds of products, always with natural ingredients. I was driven with a belief that skincare products can be made with ingredients from nature (instead of a chemical cocktail of harsh ingredients) and a passion for creating products that are truly handcrafted with old fashioned techniques. 

Over time our soaps started hitting the stores and we now have a lovely range of skincare products for the Bath, Body & Face. Whenever my husband and I are in a shop you'll find us picking up a skincare product, turning it over and reading the ingredients and then you'll hear us exclaiming "we could so make this... completely naturally,of course". Our motivation continues to be the fact that we believe you should be able to read a label and understand the ingredients & that what you put ON your body is just as important as what you put IN it!

Our customers are searching for truly natural skincare products and we strive to create these products for you. We now have over 300 stores within NSW, VIC and QLD and we continue to expand our stockists and our range. We love hearing from our customers with any ideas and suggestions for the next product. So please drop us an email or give us a call. 


x Lanae 



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