Don't just take our word for it, hear what our customers have to say


"I've been using the charcoal soap on my face for a month or so now and have less breakouts when i did when i was using the chemical stuff from the chemist. I love it so much!" Heidi


"I really noticed a definite smoothing of all pores which can be quite obvious in some areas on me, all redness was removed around my chin area and nose and my skin was noticeably firmer overall!" Brig


"If you love all natural skincare products like me, then your going to love these too! Just reading the description on the Epsom Bath Salt bottle relaxes me already and the aroma is incredible!" Jacqueline


"I love a masque that can be all natural but still combat my skin concerns. The masque was simple to mix up and was applied effortlessly with a brush. The masque did dry down but was not uncomfortable. My skin felt smooth and looked vibrant after having it on for approximately 15mins." Hannah


"Afterwards my skin felt so soft and smooth, as well as nourished and super moisturised. When rinsing it off, the water formed little droplets on my skin, as if there was an oily residue, but none could be felt whatsoever. Instead my skin just felt really clean and healthy and smelt delicious!" Di


"Interesting the ground coffee helps to eliminate garlic and onion odours, so i'd recommend keeping it in the kitchen for washing your hands" Di


"If you are looking for a rich and stunningly hydrating face and eye serum which pumps your skin full of nutrients then look no further than Harvest Garden products... The blends they created in their oils, scrubs. masques and much more are perfectly and carefully formulated for huge results. I have loved all of their products so far!" Brigid


"I have been wearing it to bed at night and in the morning my lips have been feeling so much healthier than normal." - Pink Grapefruit and Passion Flower Lip Balm  Ingrid


"The first thing that struck me when i opened this snap lock bag was the divine peppermint scent of the body scrub. This alone refreshed me before i even started applying the scrub."


"At first when you open it, the most gorgeous scent awaits...This is a really relaxing experience, and the gorgeous flora scent that evaporated when you pour the hot water over the tea is just incredible. I did feel that i got an increased amount of breakouts after the first few uses, but they were simply accelerated due to the steam, they also cleared up alot faster than usual." Karina Nyholm - Hunter


 "One sniff of Harvest Gardens products and i was a gonner - Oh my, the fragrance is stunning and the formula is so creamy!..." Kate


"The scent is beautiful and calming and can be used under makeup  to give extra hydration or as a toner after cleansing. The frosted bottle is a nice touch and the generous size means you can spray all day." Lola


"Between work and motherhood it's often hard to find  time to book an appointment and visit a beauty salon. Then allow the driving time and fork out money for some chemicals to burn my face off is not my idea of fun. I thought my dreams of beautiful skin and relaxation were doomed until i received a beautiful package from Harvest Garden." Lola


"This smells so nice. I have used this on macies thigh when she scraped it...It sealed the scrape and wasn't messy or oily." - Herbal Balm infused with Calendula Flowers Christina


"I wish you could smell how nice this scent is. This bar is perfect for sensitive skin and for little skin. I use this on myself and the girls as a facial cleanse in the mornings and night. This made our skin feel so soft." - Honey and Oatmeal Bar Christina S


"Zeolite and Pink Clay Facial Masque with Pomegranate and Passion Flower - This was so fun to apply and comes with a paint brush! I felt like i was really treating myself which was super lovely. My skin also felt so soft and supple after using this..." Victoria


"I have fallen in absolute love with using these bath salts in my bath. Not only do they smell so nice but they make for the most relaxing time too...I love the way my skin feels after a bath with these, always so smooth and refreshed... I highly recommend these gorgeous salts for anyone wanting to refresh their skin and relax whilst doing so." Jacqueline


"If you love organic, botanical, nourishing, environmentally kind products, you should most definitely try these out. They have many different scrubs and alternate products that cater for all different skin types and concerns. Earthy fresh and beautiful naturally scented products that really feel amazing on your face and body." Luisa


"I highly recommend you go check out Harvest Garden's products - They are a local family owned business...everything is handmade and they strongly believe in using natural ingredients." Anna


"The Harvest Garden soaps are my absolute favorite. I have very sensitive skin when it comes to shower products and my first impression was amazing. It foams up so easily,left my skin feeling super soft and the smell is gorgeous  and not to mention they look pretty. If you have sensitive skin or just love the smell of organic fresh soaps then you need to try Harvest Gardens soaps." Cerise


"I absolutely love the soaps, they look amazing and smell even better. My husband and kids suffer from sensitive skin and eczema, so i'm always on the look out for quality natural skincare products which won't cause irritation. It especially gives me peace of mind that my family are not absorbing any of the nasties.- which unfortunately are hiding in a lot our skincare products lately." Alyse


"Natural soap goodness with Harvest Garden's Rose Geranium and Pink Clay Soap.Enriched with the goodness of olive oil, macadamia and coconut oils, the palm oil free formula is nourishing and hydrating. It's perfect for balancing stressed and sensitive skin."  Nerdia


"Best thing after a night out + a face full of makeup, is a Face Masque. This leaves my skin feeling so smooth." Brittany


" After using the facial serum for two weeks , my face feels smoother and my blemishes are looking better. So if your looking for a natural skincare range , then try our Harvest Gardens products." Vanessa


" The products are not only great for us mummies but the kids can use them as well, as all their products are made from natural ingredients and do not contain anything toxic." Vanessa


"Absolutely in love with this masque from @harvestgardenproducts. I can't believe how glowing and clear my skin looked right after washing it off!" Amanda Jane


"I have been getting really sore and aching muscles since i have been working out lately! So i have started using @harvestgardensproducts Epsom Bath Salts with Peppermint and Green Tea to help relax and boost my magnesium levels. Its helped alot and i am so glad i found this."  Jade


"Thank you so much @harvestgarden, my skin and i love you." Shauna Croaker


"This is my current favorite product to spoil my heel - and let me tell you, this is so good! Way better than the heel balms i've tried in chemists, even the strongest doesn't work but this works wonders! I've almost ran out of this one, can't wait for my new one to come." - Herbal Balm infused with Calendula Flowers Melon Yu


"This Matcha Body Scrub is made with nothing but natural ingredients and does more than just get rid of dead skin cells and leaves your skin super soft, it also soothes aching muscles. This peppermint raw sugar scrub is a winner." Amy Rose Kennedy


"I have very sensitive skin also, which is why iv'e always been scared to use anything heavy and full of nasties on my skin and that's who i am in love with this incredible 'Organic Facial and Eye Serum' It's the only thing that has worked and lasted for my skin, there's been no driess and i know i'm putting nothing bad on my skin which makes me happy. Happy/Health skin = Happy me." Amy Rose Kennedy


" I really took the time to just truly indulge and treat my skin to some well deserved nourishment." - Hard Lotion Bar with Rose Geranium and Patchouli  Peta Ramia


" I have literally fallen in love with the way it made my skin feel... I felt like a goddess at a spa, with all the scents that were spreading around my bathroom." - Coconut Body Polish Peta Ramia


"I am obsessed with a good body scrub and one of my favorite australian brands @harvestgardenproducts do them well!...A truly stunning body scrub, and its hard to get me away from a good coffee scrub but this one has succeeded!" Brigid Sandell


"I just bounced right out of the shower! Bought this as a little treat yesterday... don't know why I waited so long to pick one up. Ahhh, a full body exfoliation with absolutely no effort involved - what's not to love? Can't wait to try the rest of the range. Thank you" Kaz


"I absolutely love the herbal balm. I use it from head to toe and my skin has never felt or looked better. Please make it in a travel size so I can take it everywhere with me. Many thanks" Joy


"Just tried your bath salts love them such beautiful products, keep up the great work" Melanie


"I would just like to say your French Clay mask is AMAZING ! I have never used a better product. I love that I can use natural products (apple cider vinegar) to mix it. I have used this on my family and friends and they love this too. Thank you for developing such as amazing product that is natural, safe and fun to use. Also, your soaps are to die for" Nicola


"I like the peppermint. green clay and pumice soap. It leaves me feeling so refreshed and clean" Karlee


"Thank you Harvest Garden. Love it, smells divine, feels even better. Happy customer!"  Meredith


"These soaps smell absolutely amazing and they look so beautiful" Yvonne


"Soap makes my house smell like a day spa" Bronwyn


"Thanks so much for my Peppermint lip balm, love it so much I have just ordered 1 of each of all the different ones" Linda


"Thank you, I absolutely love my lip balm" Karen


"Thank you for my goodies Harvest Garden, can't wait to try them out" Sandza


"Thank you so much received the soaps .. they smell divine" Sharon


"Thank you so much the soaps arrived today they smell amazing" Deborah


'I wanted to write to say THANK YOU for creating natural, cost effective products. I too have had 'problem skin' and have an autoimmune disease so a few years ago gradually started trying to reduce the amount of chemical I was taking in, including through my skin. It is nice to know if I don't have time to whip up some product at home or I just want to treat myself I can always choose something from harvest garden I know will work, is ethical and natural' Jess


'I have already tried the mask and i absolutely loved the feeling afterwards and the next day my skin was so refreshed that i did not even put any makeup on!' Natasha


"I wanted to say how wonderful your new rosemary, tea tree and comfrey soap is. I have noticed a difference in how less oily my face is when I use it and its definitely helped clear up my acne. Thanks so much for a wonderful, natural product" Christine


"My favorite skincare" Zoe


"Best products ever" Brooke


"I love your soaps and use them regularly, they have such great smells too" Carmen


"The face mist sounds lovely. Perfect for those hot summer days .... I use lip balms all the time, it's my 'must have on me all the time product' Michelle


"Thank you so much for such amazing products that don't react on my skin. They are all amazing and I especially love the pink clay soap. Smells beautiful and is gentle on the skin. Very happy" Narelle


“I could just lay in a pile of everything you have ever created, breathe in the amazing fresh aroma and fall asleep blissfully” Sophie


“These soaps are divine. My rooms smells heavenly right now!”  Rebecca


“Received my lip balm a couple of days ago, but only started using it this weekend. I LOVE IT" Teresa


“Love my collection from Harvest Garden. This magical skincare routine makes me happyyy” Krystal


"The Sweet Orange and Cinnamon with Saffron soap smells so delicious and I like to use the Peppermint, green clay and pumice - it's great for my feet. Love" Melissa


“The herbal balm has done wonders for the skin on my hands already, which are super rough & cracked from too much washing” Deb