Our range of bath body and Face products are all natural and contain:

No synthetic fragrances    No artificial colours    No parabens    No sulphates    No Palm oil

Our Soaps are a premium range of natural handcrafted soaps that create a lovely lather with lots of bubbles, leaving your skin cleansed and moisturised after every wash.

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All of our soaps have specific benefits to your skin such as drawing out toxins, targeting acne and skin conditions, relaxation effects, exfoliation etc. Click on each soap to read how each can benefit you.

Where possible our raw ingredients our sourced locally and within Australia with Suppliers we know and trust.

Our Bath Salts provide the ultimate in relaxation and detoxification plus they provide an added boost of magnesium.

We have 4 varieties that are formulated to target specific needs. Or choose one based on your favourite scent.

Taking time out of your busy day to soak in an epsom salt bath is not only relaxing it also provides your body with magnesium (which many of us are deficient in).