Why and How we make skincare

Our skincare products are created and made by Lanae on our Central Coast property. She is passionate about creating skincare using mother nature’s finest ingredients which she formulates into effective, multi -purpose products.

We understand that the effectiveness of our skincare formulations can only be as good as the raw ingredients we use. That’s why, on our Central Coast acreage and on our farm in Sydney, we grow as many of the ingredients that we can to use in our products. From our lavender to our calendula to our peppermint and aloe, each herb and botanical ingredient has been grown in rich, nutrient abundant soil that is full of beneficial microbes. This results in a plant that has a dynamic life force and we then harvest them and use them in our products. This increases their powerful benefits and their effectiveness. 

We make our products using old fashioned, hand crafted techniques. For example, our soap is blended by hand and poured into custom made moulds. From cutting it, to stamping it, to putting a label on it, it’s all done by hand. We believe this ensures not only a more superior product it also means we give our products the love and attention they deserve throughout the manufacturing process.

We are also committed to eliminating plastic packaging from our range and as a result we have delisted our Body Scrubs and our Facial Cream. The only remaining plastic packaing now is our Lip Balm range which we will soon change over to a little glass pot. 

The good news is we have decided to share some skincare recipes with you that you can make yourself at home, please check out our Skincare Recipe section.