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  • Zeolite + Pomegranate + Passionflower
    Zeolite + Pomegranate + Passionflower
    Zeolite + Pomegranate + Passionflower

    Zeolite + Pomegranate + Passionflower

    Balance & refine Target acne Even skin tones

    Zeolite Clay is a negatively charged volcanic ash. When micronised into smaller more attractive and efficient particles it reveals small 'honeycomb cages' that trap heavy metals and toxins and carry them safely away. Zeolite removes the pollution by deeply cleansing, purifying and detoxifying your skin, unclogging and refining your pores and eliminating free radicals. Australian Pink clay balances stressed and sensitive skin and creates a youthful appearance. Also helps refine delicate lines and texture of skin. Pomegranate extract contains antioxidant, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties and ability to encourage radiant skin. Helps combat breakouts, reduce scarring and sooth minor irritations. Passionflower has been used for centuries as a skin beautifying agent, since they contain agents that unclog the pores of the skin. One of the best natural acne remedies and effective for destroying bacteria and fungi on the surface of the skin.

    Zeolite clay, Australian pink clay, Pomegranate extract and Passionflower extract.

    Store bottle away from sunlight.

    12-18 months

    Start with a clean face. Mix 1 teaspoon of clay with ½ teaspoon of water into a paste. Apply a thin layer to face with brush and leave until it starts drying. Remove before it hardens completely. Rinse with a warm face cloth. Use 1 -2 times per week.

    This bottle is enough for 16 applications (or 4 months use).
    Please note, these masks are a dry blend of clays, botanical extracts and herbs and allow the user to add whatever liquid element they wish to constitute fresh at each application.
    To target acne and breakouts, or to use as a spot treatment mix with raw honey and add a drop of tea tree essential oil
    For dry skin try adding some honey, glycerin or aloe vera juice

    "This was so fun to apply and comes with a paint brush! I felt like i was really treating myself which was super lovely. My skin also felt so soft and supple after using this..."- Victoria



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