Why we farm

It’s a sad truth that we’ve lost our connection to the earth and the way food is meant to be grown. We are so used to buying lesser quality, poor tasting food and we’ve forgotten how real food is meant to taste and make you feel. The fact is most store-bought food can be in storage for weeks or months before we buy it plus the soil it’s grown in has been commercially farmed and depleted of all the essential nutrients that our bodies need to be healthy.

We have a real disconnect in our society – we all want to be healthy but we don’t wish to sacrifice convenience.  We get it (as a family of four ourselves we know how busy life is) it's easy to shop at a supermarket where you can buy your food, meat, staples in one place (not to mention the aisles dedicated to crap lollies and chips, processed foods) and most of all it's all beautifully presented. The fruits and vegetables look immaculate with no spots or abnormalities and we all believe its local, fresh and the farmers that grew it all got fairly paid – but we all know that this is not the truth.

We know there is a massive food movement growing and we all want better choices but to achieve this you need to help the farmers directly. Agriculuture, be it small or large, is the key to better health and better climate and better economy but the current industrial farming system has failed us. They are responsible for our climate crisis and their sole focus is creating food that focuses on weight and profits over nutrition and health.

We like many other local farmers are here to give you better choices.  That’s why we need you to support us.

Did you know who really feeds the world  ?

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