How we farm

Here at Harvest Garden our food is grown using bio regenerative agricultural techniques without the use of synthetic fertilisers, pesticides, insecticides or fungacides.

Our focus and farming technique is to build the soil biology. This allows for natural nutrient cycling to occur and ensures bigger, better and more nutritious plants. We work with mother nature and try and replicate her methods of growing naturally. I don’t remember the last time I saw someone go out and apply synthetic fertilisers to make a forrest or the bush grow. I also don’t see people having to go and spray weed spray or pesticides to keep it looking healthy. Left alone in the natural environment the bush or forest is abundant, healthy and grows with virtually no disease etc .  We try to do what mother nature does and get the biology right to ensure our plants are big and healthy and feed you everything you need.

Call us slightly nutty but we also choose to perform all of our farm practices in alignment with the Lunar, constealtion and other celestial forces. Biodynamics for a long time has been a proponent of this method and we make sure we plant in accordance with the planet. 

Our  compost applications and amendments are done in alignment with the ascending and descending moons and we make sure all our plantings and transplanting are done in line with the lunar and other celestial forces as we believe every little extra touch gives our food the slightly better edge. 

For thousands of years our ancestors were always in control of and knew where there food was coming from. Today you have no idea and as our cities get bigger and bigger you will never be given that level of transparency either as society demands regular food at any price.  If you knew your apples had been grown 2 years ago and were in cold storage at X location and now on the shelf would you really be buying them ?

Our focus is on creating great soil health. We achieve this by not tilling, adding biological inoculants to the soil and extra food in the correct micro levels to achieve a highly functioning soil food web. By doing this we achieve better soil health than organic or convential methods resulting in greater crop health and greater nutrient availability for the plants to take up. The soil biology gives plants available nutrients to feed the plants so the plants can then feed us.

We use minimal natural fetislisers mainly focusing on our own made rich compost with a huge diversity of microorganisms in it.

We don’t leave it to experts instead we take our own soild samples weekly ensuring we have a functioning soil food web and we make the necessary tweaks as we go. As we are only a new farm the great news is every month we keep getting better.

We believe in:

Eating seasonal produce. Natures provides us with the fresh food we are meant to eat for optimal health each season.

We want you to:

Reduce your toxin intake by eating Clean, organically and biodynamically grown pesticide free, healthy produce

Conventional agriculture systems strip the soil of beneficial microbiology and make farmers dependent on synthetic, toxic substances that go against natural processes.