1. How many uses will I get out of my facial Masque?
All 4 of our Facial masques provide up to 16 applications depending on how many times a week you use the masque! 

2. Why does my clay masque take longer to dry in some areas more than others?
This is nothing to worry about! Your face masque will simply take longer to dry in your more oily areas! Typically your more oil areas are your T-zone (across your forehead, down your nose and down to your chin) TIP** Apply your masque 1-2 times a week in your oily areas to help the oil clear out faster!!

3. How many times a week should I use my Facial Masque?
It’s recommended that you use our Facial Masques once a week. For oily/ acne prone skin can use up to 2-3 times a week.

4. How do I use the Facial Serum?
To get optimum results using our Organic Facial Serum we suggest applying a few drops to a clean washed face, or before bed. This way it can work its magic over night

5. When is the best time to use the Facial Serum?
It is completely up to you! One of the most popular ways is to put it on after a freshly washed face before you go to bed! That way it can work its magic over night, so when you wake up your skin is bright and awake! You can also put it on when you wake up in the morning for bright dewy look.

6. Since the Organic Facial Serum is just made with oils, can I use it in my hair?
Yes you can! You won’t need much, so 3-4 drops will do! Simply rub it into the dry ends on your hair to give it more moisture.

7. Can I add another liquid instead of water to my Facial Masque?
Yes you can! Try adding some raw honey, apple cider vinegar, aloe vera gel, tea tree oil, witch hazel - the list is endless. Be creative and see what suits your skin the best. 

8. I really want to buy your Tinted Rose Lip Balm but was wondering how dark the tint is?
It is a gentle, subtle red tint. It is just enough colour to give your lips a rosier tint.

9. Do any of your facial Soap bars exfoliate as well?
Yes! Our Honey and Oatmeal will do just the trick! It is gently enough to lightly exfoliate whilst providing a rich creamy lather. We also recommend the Coffee & Salt bar for use on your face. See description for details on how to use this bar.