Essential Oils

Carrot seed oil         

Helps rejuvenate dry, mature and wrinkled skin. Contains vitamins A and C to encourage healing.


Known to protect the skin from toxins and bacteria, reduces skin irritations and has anti-inflammatory qualities.


Hot and stimulating, generates warmth and relives pain.


A warming essential oil often used for digestive problems, as well as nausea. It is also of value when treating colds and flu and can also be used on the skin to help clear bruises


Has antiseptic qualities because of its germicidal quality. It is also used to treat skin infections and it helps speed up healing.


Antiseptic properties, detoxifier, mental exhaustion, headaches and skin problems


Helps tone muscles and tissue and relieves muscle pain. Helps poor circulation.


Reduces inflammation and alleviates stress

Pink Grapefruit         

Has traditionally been used for its uplifting properties and has been known to be beneficial in relieving stress and nervous exhaustion.


Has local anaesthetic properties which provide a cooling sensation and alleviates discomfort.

Rose Geranium        

Lifts the spirit and eases nervous tension. Promotes radiant skin.


Is wonderful for aches and pains and mental fatigue. It also helps to stimulate new cell growth.


Has similar therapeutic properties to Peppermint but is milder. It is relaxing and cooling on the skin.

Sweet orange           

Stimulates lymph fluids and relieves swollen tissue. Uplifting and refreshing.

Tea Tree                 

Helps treat acne and fungal infections on the skin. It helps disinfect your skin.