What is your skin type?

Author: Web Developer   Date Posted:3 April 2017 

Let’s take a look at the 5 skin type categories and the signs to look for to work out your own skin type. It’s also good to remember that over your lifetime you can have a variety of skin types due to hormonal changes, diet, aging etc. So it’s good to re-assess your skin type every few years. 

1) Oily Skin
•Enlarged pores
•Dull or shiny, thick complexion
•Blackheads, pimples, or other blemishes

2) Dry Skin
•Almost invisible pores
•Dull, rough complexion
•Red patches
•Your skin is less elastic
•More visible lines
Your skin can crack, peel, or become itchy, irritated, or inflamed. If it’s very dry, it can become rough and scaly, especially on the backs of your hands, arms, and legs.

3) Normal Skin
Not too dry and not too oily, normal skin has:
•No or few imperfections
•No severe sensitivity
•Barely visible pores
•A radiant complexion

4) Combination Skin
Your skin can be dry or normal in some areas and oily in others, such as the T-zone (nose, forehead, and chin). Many people have this type. It may need slightly different care in different areas.
Combination skin can have:
•Pores that look larger than normal, because they’re more open
•shiny skin

5) Sensitive Skin
It can show up as:
If your skin is sensitive, try to find out what your triggers are so you can avoid them. There are many possible reasons, but often it's in response to particular skin care products and even your diet. 


Tips for looking after your skin type:

If you have very oily skin, excessive washing throughout the day could strip your face of its moisture and in turn cause it to produce even more oil. Cleaning your skin too aggressively can also exacerbate acne and cause inflammation. People with oily skin should generally wash their face less often than those with a drier skin type.

If you have normal, dry or combination skin you should still be washing your face twice daily. You need to get debris out of your pores so that they can breathe and so that whatever products you apply will be properly absorbed.

If you have sensitive skin it is important to avoid scrubbing your skin, use scent free products and choose a moisturiser that contains calming natural ingredients such as jojoba oil. 

Harvest Garden offers a range of products to suit all skin types. If you have a specific skin concern, please let us know and we can recommend which products will suit you.


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