Turning the table on skincare products

Author: Lanae Scobie   Date Posted:29 March 2019 

I had a customer ask me today how many years shelf life my Facial cream has. “Years !!” I exclaimed... “more like months”, I said. “Well, I don’t want to buy it if it doesn’t last me at least 18 months” she said.

What the $&@$”? I thought to myself, I have to make people realise that it’s not going to be a product that’s good for you if it lasts that long. Let me explain why …..

Why is it we value good quality food and yet we don’t value good quality skincare ?

We happily buy fresh produce to feed our families because we know it’s better for us than processed food. Yet, we know it will only keep for a week until it starts wilting and loses it nutritional value but that’s ok.

We accept this.

Just like we buy a carton of milk and know it will go off within a week.

We accept this.

In fact, you’d be worried if your milk didn’t go off !

I think the skincare we use should be viewed the same way as fresh food. If it’s made with good quality natural ingredients it should only last a few months.

We should accept this as a sign of a quality natural chemical free product that’s good for us.

The fact is, if I was to buy a skincare product that had a shelf life of 2 years I’d be thinking, what the hell is in here to make it last that long ? Nothing good for me, that’s for sure ! A %&#*&^ load of chemical filled preservatives is the only thing keeping that on the shelf for that long and that’s the very reason I wouldn’t use it.

The question to ask yourself is “What do you value in your skincare products, is it toxic free ingredients or is it how long it sits in your bathroom cabinet ?”







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