​The NEW Second Hand Smoke

Author: Ashley Scobie   Date Posted:9 April 2018 

The NEW Second Hand Smoke

You wash your children with it, put it on your skin, sleep in it and breathe it in. It’s now been labelled the new second hand smoke. Here’s why.



Second Hand Fragrances

When we are in a public place we are now exposed to what is called “second hand fragrance”. This is the combination of harmful chemicals being released into the public air space from air fresheners, cleaning products, and scented candles, plus not to mention all the products people are wearing! Everyone is involuntarily breathing in contaminated air even if they choose to not wear fragranced products. It’s time to clear the air and put our health, first.


The History of Fragrances

Linking the past with the present fragrance industry shows just how terrible the industry has become. Today’s synthetic fragrances are much different from what were once healing and therapeutic oils. Instead of being medicinal, today’s fragranced products have been linked with diabetes, obesity, autism, ADD/ADHD and hormone disruption. Unfortunately, not only the person wearing or using the fragrance is at risk, but also the people sharing the same air space as them.


The emerging awareness of this situation reveals just how much often we are at the mercy of this toxic ‘smoke’. Even washing clothes in detergents and fabric softeners containing fragrances releases toxic chemicals onto the skin and into the air. We then sleep in our pyjamas and on sheets washed in the same toxic materials. Because of this, we are drenched in fragrances 24 hours a day.



So, what’s actually in a fragrance?

Well, we actually don’t know for certain which is one of the reasons as to why it is so worrying. “Fragrance” or “parfum” on an ingredient list represents a trade secret fragrance recipe that could be made up of not just one or two chemicals, but hundreds of toxic, fake chemicals. Unfortunately, none of them have to be disclosed or tested for safety.


A study by Environmental Working Group says that 72% of products with the ingredient “fragrance” contained endocrine disruptors calledphthalates. These have been linked to diabetes, breast cancer, hormone disruption affecting fertility and development as well as linked to ADHD and Autism in the early trimesters in prenatal exposure.


Unfortunately, because of secrecy and a lack of transparency in labelling, there is really no way for a consumer to make informed decisions about fragranced products. Which is why we highly suggest staying away from them.


And If you think that buying an “unscented” product will do the trick, then think again. Many products that are labelled as “unscented” are actually a fragranced product with the additional masking fragrance to hide the smell.


What about essential oils?

Luckily, there are hundreds of beautiful essential oils that mother nature has kindly created. If they are a pure plant derived, unaltered essential oil, then they actually carry many therapeutic benefits and encourage you to use them. We choose to use a range of essential oils in our products from cinnamons, roses, lavender etc. We NEVER use any synthetic fragrances or parfums in any of our products. We choose to enhance your natural health and beauty, not put it at risk.

What can we do to prevent this?

Currently, the awareness of this issue is slowly increasing and action is being taken in many parts of the world when it comes to educating and protecting the public. Harvard University teaching hospital is a model for promoting fragrance-free policies in their hospital. Brigham Women’s Hospital has even initiated a campaign forfragrance-free healthcare.

The best thing for us to do is be proactive! Be aware of the ingredients on the back of your products, and take note of the products that are pure and safe. We encourage you to ditch the chemicals in your house, whether that cleaning products, laundry detergent and especially your skincare. Take charge of your health and wellbeing today.







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