I guarantee our soap is natural …. it’s no lie!

Author: Web Developer   Date Posted:8 November 2016 

A lot of people have been asking me lately how our soap can be natural when it is made with lye (sodium hydroxide) which is a harsh chemical.

Let me explain. When I first started making soap I did so much research into this myself as the whole reason for making the products we make was so we could eliminate toxins and chemicals from them and make them safe and natural. 

Basically the answer comes down to science (or as I prefer to call it  ‘alchemy’- any magical power or process of transforming a common substance into a substance of value). The simple process of making soap is by adding an acid (oils) with a base (lye) to form a salt (soap). A chemical reaction occurs between them (saponification) and the end result is soap and glycerine. There is no lye present in the finished bar. Pretty cool, hey.

Did you know that commercial soap manufacturers retain the glycerine from the soap making process and use it in other products (such as moisturisers and body washes) as it is highly nourishing to the skin and is worth more money. That’s why bars of soap have received a bad reputation over the years. The types of soap you buy in the supermarket are in indeed drying to the skin because all the good stuff is taken out of them. In fact, most commercial soap manufacturers don’t even make soap, they make a bar of detergent.

So remember, if there is no lye in your bar of soap, its not soap, its a bar of detergent and you may as well be washing yourself with washing up liquid. No Lie !


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