How do we help the environment ?

Author: Web Developer   Date Posted:15 May 2017 

As a small business that is mindful of being sustainable and protecting our environment, what are some of the ways we try to reduce our carbon footprint ?

1. Reuse and recycle

In our factory we reuse buckets and oil drums wherever we can. Sometimes they are used as bins, sometimes they are used as mixing instruments and we also try to give them away to builders, painters etc as there are many uses. 

When we receive deliveries of our raw materials, we reuse the boxes and the packaging materials that they come in. You know those little styrofoam peanuts ?, we reuse them when posting out delicate items. Even though we wouldn't buy them we feel re using them is better than throwing them away. At least they are getting another use before ending up in landfill. 

Our wooden display trays and crates that you see in the shops are made from recycled pallets. Reusing the pallets saves trees, energy and diverts useable materials from landfill. 

Our packaging is kept as simple as possible and we either use glass or PET jars. We encourage our customers to re use their glass jars. Our beautiful apocathery style bath salt jars can be re used in many ways in your home. One of my favourite ways is to stick a candle in it or to keep them on display in our bathroom filled with cotton buds. Another idea is to use them to plant succulents.  I'd love to hear from any one who has used our glass jars in a more creative way. 

2. Buying Local 

Whenever possible we buy our raw materials from local businesses. It's important to us to know who we buy from so we can trust the quality of the product and buying local reduces our carbon footprint. 

3. Turn off equipment that isn't in use

By simply turning off appliances like kettles, blenders and fans when not in use helps to reduce energy. 

4. Being a paperless office

In our office we recycle our paper and we try not to print out anything unless it is absolutely necessary. We email out statements and invoices rather than printing them and posting them. 

What are some of the ways you help the environment at home?


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