Fake Honey

Author: Ashley Scobie   Date Posted:16 April 2018 


Fake Honey

 Honey. One of nature’s purest foods. Honey is full of an abundance of vitamins and mineral such as vitamin B6, calcium, amino acids, iron and zinc. We like to call it natures superfood. But honey isn’t all bees and flowers. In fact, most supermarket honey is no healthier than sugar. Here’s why.

What is fake honey?

It is hard to tell what is real and fake because to most of us, honey is honey. Fake honey is impure, artificial or adulterated. Fake honey is produced by a machine and has been introduced to so much human input that it is now not even considered honey. Large manufactures are adding ingredients like glucose, dextrose, molasses, sugar syrup, flour, corn syrup, starch, water or any other similar product that make MORE ‘honey” for a cheaper price.


What is real honey?

As you probably expect, real honey should not be created from machinery in a factory, but rather in nature by our bees. Pure honey is a natural product made by our bees and only our bees. The only thing us humans should be doing is bottling it up and making sure we are sustaining the bees lives in the process.

How to tell if your honey is the real deal?

The ingredients list. If any additives have been added it will be disclosed the ingredients list says Lisa Young R.D., Ph.D. You could also do the following tests!


 REAL Honey: It is very thick in consistency. Put some on a spoon and see how long it takes for it to spill.

FAKE Honey: Is very watery. You’ll find that it is very runny and moves quickly inside the jar (from all the water and additives)


Real honey: If it is real honey then the flavour will vary depending on what flowers the bees have been taking nectar from. But ultimately, it is very floral and sweet (but not sickly sweet).

Fake Honey: VERY sweet because of all the sugars and added sweeteners.


Real honey: Again, it is very floral and in some cases, you can even smell the flowers and wild grasses.

Fake honey: There is usually no smell. Some describe it like golden syrup (probably because at the end of the day that’s what it is.)

Dissolving Method.

Grab a glass and fill it half way with tap water. Get your honey and place a “blob” of it into your glass of water.

Watch what it does.

If it is real the honey will not dissolve, it will sit there in a lump and not do much at all. However, if it was fake them it will start dissolving very fast because of all the additives.

When we add honey to our products, we ensure that it has come from a reliable and real source. We never buy from the supermarkets as we want you to get the most benefit you can.

In the meantime, the best thing your can do is read your labels. This is the best, most reliable and quickest way in ensuing you and your family are eating real honey and not the fake stuff.



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