Are your Soap Bars ‘kid’ friendly?

Author: Ashley Scobie   Date Posted:18 September 2017 

Here at Harvest Garden our customers are always asking us if our Soap Bars are safe to use on little ones. And the answer is YES!

At Harvest Garden, we only use ingredients that are derived from nature and stay away from anything made in a laboratory. We avoid using any ingredients where there are concerns on safety or are likely to cause skin irritations. By doing this, our products are gentle and safe for anyone to use, including your little ones! Our customers are comfortable using our range of Soap Bars on their children because they know exactly what’s inside – After all, that’s what counts.

We recommend using our Honey and Oatmeal Soap Bar or our Pure Bar on your little ones. This will leave them clean, smooth and fresh!

Our product creator Lanae has created these bars not only for your little ones, but keeping Mum and Dad in mind too. So not only can your children safely wash themselves from head to toe, but you can too!

Lanae says that she knows just how irritating it can be buying 2-3 different washes because your wash is ‘just too harsh for little skin.’ Our customers are comfortable using our Soaps on their whole family as they know exactly what they are putting on their body.


Here’s what some of our customers have to say…


"I wish you could smell how nice this scent is. This bar is perfect for sensitive skin and for little skin. I use this on myself and the girls as a facial cleanse in the mornings and night. This made our skin feel so soft." - Honey and Oatmeal Bar

-Christina S


"I absolutely love the soaps, they look amazing and smell even better. My husband and kids suffer from sensitive skin and eczema, so i'm always on the lookout for quality natural skincare products which won't cause irritation. It especially gives me peace of mind that my family are not absorbing any of the nasties. - which unfortunately are hiding in a lot our skincare products lately."



" The products are not only great for us mummies but the kids can use them as well, as all their products are made from natural ingredients and do not contain anything toxic."


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