1. What soap is best for cleansing my face if I have acne ?
Our top 3 bars that are great for cleansing your face are our Honey and Oatmeal Bar, Activated Charcoal Bar and our Rosemary and Tea Tree with Comfrey. All 3 bars have been specifically formulated to be used on your face. Our Honey and Oatmeal Bar is gently exfoliating and great for removing and unwanted makeup residue. Our Activated Charcoal Bar is great for oily skin as the Charcoal is deeply absorbs any unwanted toxins from within. Our Rosemary with Tea Tree and Comfrey bar is great for oily/ acne prone skin due to its high anti-bacterial properties!!


2. What do I have to do to look after my bar of soap?
Handmade soap is a very special product and with a little love and care will last you quite some time. Because it contains glycerin (unlike commercially manufactured bars that have the glycerin extracted) it can retain more moisture than other soaps. To extend the life of your handcrafted soap, place it in a soap dish that drains well leaving the bar as dry as possible at all times. Keep any unused bars in a cool, dry place out of direct contact with water. A good soap is like a fine wine, the longer it cures for the better it becomes.


3. Why does my soap bar look a little different from the last one?
As our soaps are lovingly handcrafted, each one is unique and a work of art. The look of each batch may vary slightly but the ingredients are always the same and you can be assured your favourite bar really is one of a kind. 


4. Why is my soap sweating ?
This is called 'glycerin dew'. The glycerin in the soap is a natural humectant and in humid conditions your soap may sweat from drawing in moisture from the air. Don't be alarmed. There is nothing wrong with your bar of soap, it's just reacting to the heat like we do.

5. Can I use your Epsom Bath Salts as a Foot Bath?
Yes you can! No bath, no problem! Simply grab a bucket, fill it half way with warm water and add 4-5 scoops of our Epsom Bath Salt! Doing this for simply 15-20 minutes a week will flush out toxins, increase and absorb magnesium, reduce stress and anxiety, relieve muscle aches, pains and cramping, treats foot fungus and much more.