25 Names For Palm Oil That You Probably Don't Know

Author: Ash Scobie   Date Posted:2 April 2019 

Many of us are avoiding Palm Oil at all costs. But how the $#&@ do we avoid t if there are over 25 DIFFERENT sneaky names for it on our ingredients lable?

Every. Single.Hour. 300 football fields of rainforests are cleared for Palm Oil plantations. This destructive oil accounts for 30% of the world vegetable oil and can be found in up to 50% of our household products such as baked goods, shampoo, cosmetics, washing detergents, creams, soap bars and washes. In fact, its some of the most well known brands that choose to use it. 


Its linked to deforestation, habitat degradation, climate change and animal crusty. Its something that we choose not to contribute to out of ethics and belief.


But you all know that which is why you avoid it. But what you may not know is that Palm Oil can actually appear under 25 DIFFERENT names than just ‘palm oil’ on product ingredients list. Sneaky right? So when your checking the back of your favourite soap bar your probably staring right at the culprit without even knowing. 




Unfortunately for us consumers, companies are becoming more aware about what their customers value but instead of taking this on board they are finding more and more ways to hide their ingredients. 


So, to help you in the know we’ve combined them all for you. We suggest taking a screen shot of this list & keeping it on hand so you next time your out shopping, you can double check that your products are ‘orangutang safe’. 


If you do notice any of these names on your products ingredients labels you can enquire about it with the company about whether or not they include palm oil.





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